Social Practice Installations

939 Steps, 2017 Art Installation

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An interactive art installation, puzzle, and game. 156 students that fall under the umbrella of Utah’s Department of Human Services have decorated game spaces on large puzzle pieces. Ultimately 939 spaces represent the number of weeks in an eighteen-year-old life. The choices that the public will make during the game mirror the effects of parents, teachers, and social workers on Utah’s youth-in-care. It is intended to break down stigmas and begs the question, how can the general public be helpful? Participants will listen to real-life accounts on headphones as well as give feedback as part of the experience. The game board itself covers a 20’x20’ square-foot area.

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SEE ME, HEAR 2016 Art Installation

The desire of the YICart committee has been to provide an opportunity for incarcerated youth to be able to express how they feel others see them juxtaposed to how they see themselves. Many of the therapists who serve these youth, facilitated this process through art therapy sessions. As a primary means of communication, each participant assembled various objects onto profiles of styrofoam and plaster heads, then discussed it in relation to their personal perceptions.

The display of heads functions so that others can “see” and “hear” these students represent themselves. The heads represent Utah’s students “in custody,” arranged into totem-like structures, where the viewer is invited to investigate or “see” each person anonymously. Selections of the process were filmed and curated by Spy Hop Productions, to reflect student messages and stories. This allows viewers to empathize or “hear” selections of student experiences. Any personally identifiable and/or confidential information found in the recording has been redacted prior to presentation.  Open Video Here

SeeMe,Hear Flyer




WALKING THROUGH 2015 Art Installation

In 2013 there were eight thousand, four hundred, and eighty four (8,484) students in Utah’s Juvenile Justice Services. Of interest are the Bob Barker Company (BBC) shoes purchased nation-wide by detention centers. Students who are walking through the system, come to know these shoes intimately. The BBC company donated 8,484 shoes for the art project. Because we can’t put a name on each shoe, they represent the sheer volume of so-called at-risk delinquents in Utah. Hundreds of students in detention and rehabilitation centers have painted BBC shoes which were included in an “arche de triomphe.”

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